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    Or Lease

    Building hours, keeping your hand in, need replacment aircraft or a flying holiday? We are able to provide a fully serviced aircraft and even an instructor without the cost or availability issues traditional flying schools can have. Find out more...


    And Sourcing

    Looking to buy or sell an aircraft? With our global connections and engineering experience we are able to source or sell aircraft with expert advice many find extreemly useful making that final decision. Find out more...
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    Repair & Repaint

    With a specific area dedicated to propeller maintenance in our hangar we are your local provider for a top quality finish which is second to none. As mechanics we can complete the whole job in the same building from removal to completed certification. More...


    Overhaul & Rebuild

    In our Engine workshop we are able to fully overhaul and rebuild your engine to a very high standard. As a maintenance organisation we are able to remove and install engines so all the work is done in the same place, including testing and final certification. More...
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    Our avionics suite has all the equipment required to test and maintain your individual analogue or digital avionic items as well as any part of your aircraft wiring loom. With dedicated and qualified avionics engineers we pride ourselves on providing a great avionics service. More...



    Certified by many brand companies Airtime is a well known supplier and installer of whole systems, complete wiring looms, individual avionics and replacement parts. Our team are able to replace your entire analogue systems with digital or fit the smallest part. More...
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    EASA PART M, Subpart G & ARC Renewals certification Airtime offers one of the most complete services to Light Aircraft owners. We have a large number of aircraft on the United States (N) register with our own A&P mechanics.
    From Cessna 150 to Beech King Air. More...



    Trading since 1994 we have the experience and expertise to keep you and your business flying. As a corporate / general aviation maintenance company we offer a complete range of services from our well-equipped base at Bournemouth Airport. More...
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    For Aviation

    Airtime carry in stock an extensive inventory of parts for aviation which are of course fully certified. As a large maintenance organisation we need to have available almost everything for many types of aircraft from the smallest bolt to whole panels. More...



    With active business links to suppliers across the globe we are also able to supply items we do not have in stock quickly and efficiently. All items are sourced direct from the main supplier with full certification. We also have contacts for hard to source serviceable items. More...
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    Private & Owners

    From simple PLOGs to aluminium wheel chox, tie downs and cleaning products as well as a range of interesting books, GPS navigation equipment and clothing. We have a large range of products in stock for aviators, owners and even a selected range for children. More coming soon!



    Everything a student pilot could ever need is in stock. From the course books for the PPL, IMC to many of the suggested reading titles for PPL/CPL/IR students and quality pilot uniform clothing and uniform accessories. We have a swift order and collect service. More coming soon!
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    Our social network where people from all parts of the aviation community gather and discuss the issues and news affecting them. We can answer questions, respond to feedback or simply engage in conversation. Join in...

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At Airtime Aviation we believe good engine maintenance is essential to aircraft safety.

Our engine shop offers a full range of facilities, from routine servicing to full zero hours overhaul. We stock a full selection of overhauled cylinders and, of course, we can overhaul your old ones if required.

We are also approved to overhaul engine components including, magnetos, starters, and alternators.

'The quality of our engines speak for themselves’.

We take our responsibility to provide you with the safest, most reliable engine very seriously. We gladly accept this responsibility and stand behind every engine that leaves our shop providing a complete warranty of x year/s.



Lycoming piston aircraft engines have earned an unparalleled reputation for reliability and durability, which is why Lycoming engines are one of our engines of choice.

Currently powering more than half the world's general aviation fleet, Lycoming produces horizontally opposed, air cooled four, six and eight-cylinder aircraft engines with power ranging from 100 to 400 HP.


Lycoming Cylinder Overhaul

If cylinder compressions are falling, the useful life of your engine can be extended by overhauling one, two or all of your cylinders, to allow you to run the engine to it’s full recommended TBO.

Airtime can overhaul your Lycoming cylinders, with all work carried out in Airtime’s EASA Part 145 approved engine workshop.

Airtime also has a range of overhauled cylinders in stock for immediate dispatch to reduce your downtime - including TSIO-540, O-360 and O-235 series cylinders.

As part of your full engine overhaul, Airtime can supply new Lycoming, new PMA or Airtime overhauled cylinders.


A recognised world leader in the development of aviation products for over 95 years, Continental’s aircraft piston engine leadership stretches from the A-70 radial engine to the engines for the Voyager aircraft.


Continental Cylinder Overhaul

If cylinder compressions are falling, the useful life of your engine can be extended by overhauling one, two or all of your cylinders, to allow you to run the engine to it’s full recommended TBO.

Airtime can overhaul your TCM cylinders, with all work carried out in Airtime’s EASA Part 145 approved engine workshop.

Airtime also has a range of overhauled cylinders in stock for immediate dispatch to reduce your downtime.

As part of your full engine overhaul, Airtime can supply new TCM, new PMA or Airtime overhauled cylinders.


Zero timed engine overhauls

This strictly speaking isn't an ‘overhaul’ – we take your run-out engine "core" into our factory and you get back an engine that is built to new engine standards.

Some parts are re-used, such as crankshafts and cases, but the top end parts are generally replaced with new parts. Cylinders and magnetos are always replaced with new parts unless you request otherwise.

As we are doing the work in our approved facilities, we certify the engine as "zero time" and it counts as a brand new engine as far as the logbook times are concerned.

Carefully disassembling and cleaning each part, documented to be correct for your engine model, we run a full inspection of your engine using a variety of state-of-the-art technologies.

Your engine is assembled and balanced by our experienced craftsmen using CAA approved techniques and built to exceed new tolerances.

After painting your engine with a highly durable, anticorrosive protective finish, we install the engine into your aircraft, or on our portable test cell, and run it through its full RPM cycle while performing a comprehensive series of diagnostic tests to ensure that your engine is running flawlessly prior to returning your engine to service.

This is not the end of our service to you - we remain on call to provide you with any necessary technical services you or your mechanic may require whilst getting your aircraft back into service.


Starter, Alternator and Magneto overhauls

Credibility, trust, and performance are the cornerstones of our commitment to customers.

Building on more than many years of overhaul experience, we deliver industry-leading turnaround times and trustworthy guarantees.

Our specialist electrical workshop specialises in starter, alternator and magneto overhauls and repairs.


Visit or phone the engine shop direct on01202 591 113 or +44 1202 591 113 if you are calling internationally. Or email us and we will endeavour to provide you with the engine and service information you require.

Whatever your aviation needs our highly skilled staff are ready and waiting to help you.




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MODE S Transponder

Mode S Transponder

We have EASA approvals to fit Garmin GTX 330 or GTX 328 to a wide range of aircraft types. Alternatively Trig TT21, TT22 and TT31 are supported by EASA approvals from the manufacturer and Avidyne's AXP340 ADS-B or a Becker BXP6401-1-(01) 250W?

Whichever Mode S Transponder, we can offer a competitive installation cost carried out by our own engineers in our avionics facility.



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