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Airtime has been involved with aircraft charter for many years and has many reputable contacts at every level in the aviation charter industry. Although Airtime voluntarily gave up it's Public Transport Air Operators Certificate (AOC) in 2012 we still actively make use of the professional contacts we built up over the years to offer a charter company recommendation service to our customers.

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We help anyone looking to charter an aircraft from anywhere in the UK to any destination in Europe or vice-versa. We can provide you with the best recommendation for medical repatriation, a holiday or business travel either as a 1 off service or for regular use as close to your budget as possible.


Thumbs UpAircraft Charter is by far the most convenient form of transport with the minimum of fuss or delays. It's quite unlike regular public transport in almost every possible way and is tailored to your exact needs. You set your departure and arrival points and times to match your schedule. Avoid large terminals, long check in queues, the wait for luggage, lost luggage, Security scans, Immigration or Customs queues. An aircraft charter service is so detailed it will be your personal preference right down to the in-flight drinks and food menu and to top it all it is not as expensive as you might think.


To make an initial inquiry please use the form below or call 01202 580 676 and ask for Moses. If you prefer we can call you back as well.

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