Aircraft Recovery

Warning Sign AircraftThere are times when an aircraft is forced to land somewhere other than an airfield or is in a location or condition which prevents onward flight to a maintenance facility or back to the home airfield.

Often a non-flying aircraft is purchased for parts, such as the airframe, avionics or engine(s). Airtime have the expertise and equipment to recover most types of single and multi engined aircraft or parts therein from just about anywhere in the UK or EU.

Our team of aircraft engineers bring valuable expertise in removing wings or other major components sympathetically from all types of aircraft to facilitate their transport to a location of your choice. Once delivered our recovery team are able to reassemble components as required.

We can mobilise our aircraft recovery team quickly and will carry out the recovery efficiently and effectively for you.

For more information and to discuss please use the form below or contact Kevin Churchill on 01202 580 676, we can even call you back if preferred.

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