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Introducing - the MORE Program for your PT6A.

More Program 007 smallAirtime has applied the MORE Program to PT6A engines for 10 years and will save you tens of thousands of pounds.

The MORE Program allows an operator to extend the TBO of a PT6A engine to 8000 hours. Simply, it is a programme of condition monitoring that determines your engine remains in top operating condition. The programme is design to catch potential problems in "infant" failure mode.

The cost saving against overhauling the engine at OEM TBO is substantial and the STC can be applied to EASA-registered aircraft.

Find out how you could benefit, read on...

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Do the engines have to be on the MORE Program from new?


As long as the engines meet the criteria for entry onto the programme, engines can be subject to the programme at any time up to the prescribed TBO for that engine. Your engine will benefit from earlier entry onto the programme and your confidence level raised as the engine will be subject to a programme designed to keep it in top operating condition, even before it reached the OEM TBO.


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What is the MORE Program?

The MORE Program is a Supplemental Type Certificate owned by the MORE Company. The STC covers 31 PT6A engine models, including those in the Beech 200 King Air and Piper PA-31T Cheyenne. Purchasing the STC for each engine allows the benefits of the extended TBO to 8000 hours.

Depending on engine hours and maintenance history, Airtime will determine the entry requirements for your engine and carry out those requirements. Once on the programme, Airtime will monitor your engine and carry out the ongoing inspections.


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