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Lynx helicopter onboard HMS AlbionCertainly this is the end of an era but it is also a celebration of the Lynx helicopter's record breaking service.

The Lynx entered service in 1978, this was the start of a 40 year long career with the British Army as a primary asset helicopter. In service it has been involved just about every possible role from destroying armour, evacuating wounded, gathering intelligence, providing humanitarian aid and rescue operations. Most of us mere mortals saw the Lynx first hand demonstrating its flying performance at air shows around the UK.

The Lynx set the world record for the fastest helicopter in 1986 at 412.93 kmh / 256.58 mph

Lynx helicopter onboard HMS Albion
The Lynx aboard HMS Albion - rotors running hot refueling

It had a crew of 3, a range of 280 nm and could carry 6 fully laden troops. The Lynx could be armed with a GPMG or HMG and carry multiple anti tank TOW missiles. It saw active service around the world being deployed in many difficult environments and terrains.

The Lynx was built and designed by Westland Helicopters in Yeovil and took its maiden flight on the 21st of March 1971. The Army ordered over 100 airframes and the Navy used the helicopter extensively with its particular variant fitted with tricycle undercarriage, deck restraint system and folding main rotor blades.

We will miss her.


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