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EASA AML STC Complete for G500 TXi, G600 TXi , EIS TXi , and Shipment of all parts have now started in EMEA

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Garmin is pleased to announce G500 TXi/G600 TXi and EIS TXi systems have now received both FAA & EASA Supplemental Type Certification (STC).

Featuring a comprehensive Approved Model List (AML) containing more than 600 single-engine piston, twin-engine piston and turboprop aircraft makes and models, G500 TXi and G600 TXi now offer the most configurable, state-of-the-art glass flight display solution in the market.

Shipments of G500 TXi, G600 TXi and EIS TXi have now begun and are prioritized in the order they were received; we appreciate your patience as we increase production in the coming months and start working through our order backlog. The TXi family also comes with a 2-year warranty, which is supported by our award-winning avionics product support team.

For pricing information, please contact the Avionics team at Airtime.

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