GYAWW 2014 Engine SmallG-YAWW is one of those rare Piper PA-28RT 201T Turbo Cherokee Arrow IV's. Built in 1979 it looks and feels very different to your standard flying school PA28 140, 161 or 180 Cherokee.


Even before work began it was considered a lovely looking aircraft and a joy to fly however after the owners asked us to give the aircraft a face lift, engine overhaul and respray it is now a truly stunning example of the type.


The engine shop here at Airtime always have a great deal to do with an engine overhaul and the picture below give you a good idea as to the depth and quality of the work involved. 

Before the work began

During the overhaul



Almost all of the work on the engine and all of the respray is completed in house here at Airtime significantly reducing time and cost.

And here we have the finished aircraft complete with a new interior, external paint job and her new zero timed engine.

GYAWW_2014_001.jpg GYAWW_2014_002.jpg GYAWW_2014_003.jpg

GYAWW_2014_004.jpg GYAWW_2014_005.jpg GYAWW_2014_006.jpg

GYAWW_2014_007.jpg GYAWW_2014_008.jpg GYAWW_2014_009.jpg

GYAWW_2014_010.jpg GYAWW_2014_011.jpg GYAWW_2014_012.jpg

GYAWW_2014_013.jpg GYAWW_2014_014.jpg GYAWW_2014_015.jpg

GYAWW_2014_016.jpg GYAWW_2014_017.jpg GYAWW_2014_018.jpg

GYAWW_2014_019.jpg GYAWW_2014_020.jpg GYAWW_2014_021.jpg