G-BZNN After 6Running a flying school producing pilots qualified at the commercial and ATPL levels not only requires a team of high quality dedicated instructors and operations staff but in such a competitive market 'something else' has to set the school apart from any other.

The decision a potential student pilot might come to on their choice of training school will in no small part be based on the type and quality of the aircraft the school operates. It is often made by potential candidates after nothing more than a brief walk around or short flight, so the impression the aircraft give has to be the right one.

Yet the hard reality of training school aircraft is they are at best well used work horses and whilst mechanically sound the interior will obviously degrade with heavy use. Investment in a new aircraft is costly so a better solution is to deep clean, upgrade and service the interior to give the aircraft a nearly new 'well looked after' impression at minimum expense.

Airtime are pleased to have been selected by BCFT http://www.bcft.aero/ to upgrade their fleet in this way. Now when a potential student is weighing up all the various factors between training schools, the refurbished aircraft will certainly be a plus rather than a negative.


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