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Dawn of a new aircraft brokerage

John Airtime Plane TradingApril 2014 saw the dawn of a new aircraft brokerage Airtime Plane Trading Ltd.

The company offers:
• Pro-active, full service aircraft brokerage
• European or Worldwide marketing (as appropriate)
• Market knowledge and experience
• Competitive commission rates




PLUS (if aircraft is based on our site at Bournemouth airport while we have exclusive sales rights)

• FREE aircraft parking (open-air)
• FREE aircraft valeting
• ON-SITE access to Part 145 maintenance, avionics, engine overhaul and renowned
paint shop at competitive rates

Managing Director, John Vahgatsi, has worked previously with Airtime Aviation in a Marketing and Business Development role and more recently in an aviation data consultancy/advisory capacity within the aviation industry.

He is passionate about aviation and equally passionate about providing customers the best service and care.

John says "though Airtime Plane Trading is a separate corporate entity from the other "Airtime" aviation businesses (Airtime Maintenance and Airtime Paint), we and our customers will benefit hugely from the synergy of having a renowned paint shop and a Part 145 maintenance, avionics and engine overhaul facility at hand."

John Vahgatsi
Managing Director
Airtime Plane Trading Ltd.
Telephone: +44 7825 50 55 50 Any time — 7 days
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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