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Garmin G3X touch screenThe new Garmin G3X touch screen display is here! 

An innovation for the light aircraft market that can be installed as a single screen, double or even a stunning triple screen configuration. Pilots can operate it wearing gloves and each screen has multi mode functions which can be displayed simultaneously on each screen including on screen interface with a transponder and communications as well as autopilot, weather and traffic options.

With the installation being simpler and the unit retailing at a stunning...

$5,499 (aprox £3,260 or €4,110) the installed delivered price will be affordable for most budgets.


Garmin say this is "Built for your needs, Panel and Budget" and we couldn't agree more!

The 10.6" high resolution displays look stunning and would bring glass cockpit capabilities to anything from a C42 Microlight to a twin engine Duchess.

Garmin G3X SingleGarmin G3X DoubleGarmin G3X Triple


Integrated ANT+™ technology even allows the system to integrate wirelessly with accessories like the VIRB™ action camera.

The specifications and options seem endless and we are pleased to bring you the video from Gramin featuring the G3X and a link to the page which lists everything you need to know with many more pictures.

Here is the link to Garmin's website covering the G3X please click here.

We would also be delighted to take any enquries you may have about fitting one or more of these to your aircraft using our dedicated team of avionics engineers and panel designers. 

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