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It was a normal sort of start to the day. Everyone had that holidayish feel. The faces were cheerful, the clothing comfortable.

We'd gone through a security check and handed our boarding cards to an official.

But no sooner had we clicked our seatbelts into place and the flight attendant had begun a safety briefing than a passenger at the front of the plane began to get a little disruptive.

A prickle of unease flickered over my neck, assuaged when the cabin crew finally allowed him into the toilet. This was short lived, as the man suddenly burst out with a mask and a gun.

He was joined by other masked terrorists, shouting orders and brandishing weapons.

VIDEO: Watch 'hostages' take over a plane in self-defence workshop at Bournemouth Airport

This was certainly a very realistic training exercise looking at the video which was shot during the 'terrorist' take over and used to debrief the trainees after the exercise has ended.

See the video by clicking here

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