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mini planeIf you are a UK pilot and you infringe controlled airspace you will now be offered an online test by the CAA, however fail to complete the test within 30 days and a pilot could be faced with additional licensing action.

The CAA have been working with AOPA, the MOD, BMAA and NATS to launch the online test in an effort to reduce UK airspace infringements after NATS reported in 2013 there was on average an infringement every 5 hours (in daylight) equating to a total of 670 incidents.

Pilots required to sit the test will be contacted in writing by the CAA. The test is made up of 20 randomly selected multiple-choice questions probing the full range of pilot knowledge, and must be completed within 10 minutes. Only one attempt may be made at the test, with the pass rate set at 80 per cent.

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