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First LPV ApproachOn Thursday 21st August 2014 a Beech 76 operated by Aviation South West successfully flew the first ever operational LPV (Localiser Performance with Vertical Guidance) approach in the UK.

The aircraft, flown by Mr Richard Bristowe and Ms Lyn Facy was equipped with an approved Garmin 530W installation. It started the approach at BATSU and landed on runway 26. Both pilots mentioned the amazing stability and how accurate the approach could be flown.

First LPV Approach

LPV is an independent satellite and ground system providing corrections to conventional GPS. It has a better position accuracy in both horizontal and vertical planes. The current EGNOS (European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service) signal has a system minimum of 250 feet and this is due to reduce to 200 feet in 2015. EGNOS will be trialled for a 50 foot minimum in the future.

Airtime will be at the forefront of installing this equipment and expect interest to grow in the GA community as this facility is offered at more airfields in the UK.

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