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GARMIN AOA WebsiteGarmin has begun delivery of its Angle Of Attack (AOA) System for General Aviation aircraft
Standalone or Compatible with the GARMIN G3X the AOA System has been approved by the FAA for installation in a wide variety of general aviation aircraft.

The AOA system is comprised of the GI 260 AOA indicator, GAP 26 angle of attack probe and GSU 25 air data computer, which combine to display safety-enhancing AOA and audible alerts.


The 'Angle of attack' is the angle between the chord line of the wing and the direction of the relative wind. In a high angle of attack situation the wing of an aircraft begins to lose lift and can lead to a stall. Failure to recognise this situation can result in an abrupt loss of control, particularly dangerous at low altitude where there is little chance to recover.

Until now this technology has been the exclusive preserve of military and commercial aircraft however with this development AOA indicators are now the topic of conversation among the General Aviation community. The FAA announced in February that it plans to make the installation of angle of attack indicators in GA aircraft even easier and we may see this equipment becoming available in EASA-land soon.

The new Angle of Attack system supports the FAA’s recent initiative to broaden adoption of AOA displays to improve safety within general aviation. When approaching an impending stall, the GI 260 AOA indicator offers progressive audible and visual alerts as the aircraft approaches stall angle of attack. Because the Garmin AOA system corrects for weight, g-loading, density altitude and airspeed, it offers a higher level of accuracy.

At a retail price of $1,649.00 (or £1,024.36 / €1,305.74 at current exchange rates) pilots can put an AOA system in their aircraft and add yet another safety-enhancing tool to their cockpit.


More information can be found on the Garmin website [please click here]


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