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TrigTRiG Avionics have joined forces with a syndicate of aviation specialists to make available a portable and affordable ADS-B transponder to the General Aviation community.

The syndicate which won the contract from SESAR is comprised of Edinburgh based manufacturer TRiG Avionics, British National Air Traffic Services (NATS), German avionics company FUNKE and AOPA. AOPA will be flight testing the equipment and have begun planning the 180-200 hours of trials in conjunction with NATS with the aim to provide GA with a low cost solution which fulfils airspace conspicuity requirements but doesn't effect an aircraft's' weight and balance.

In a recent press release TRiG Avionics said it had already achieved certification in the United States and are now close to receiving STC Approval from the FAA, as part of the FAA's 2020 ADS-B mandate, for a software update to their existing TT31 and TT22 transponders.

This news should be of great interest to European aircraft owners who already have TRiG's TT31 or TT22 transponder installed as the software update is expected to be considerably less than a new system. Those who plan to fit a new system can expect the price to be less than €1,000 or £785.55 

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