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caa logoThe PPL community has been thrown into a state of confusion after pilots receive a letter from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) requesting they update their information and provide proof of their medical records.

The letter starts "Following a recent audit, it has come to our attention that our medical records system may not hold complete data on a number of our certified pilots". The CAA's letter continues on to request a copy of the medical certificate, the completion of a declaration form and a form to confirm current medical fitness to fly.

The pilot community in many online forums have had quite a lot to say regarding what at first seems to be the loss of data but also the suggestion that a single Authorised Medical Examiner (AME) may be to blame.

Some pilots have stated they are writing to the CAA questioning what has gone wrong, if medical records have indeed been lost and what instigated the 'audit' mentioned in the letter.

We will keep you up to date when we find out more.


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