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Kemble Airfield SmallPlans are in the process of being submitted to Cotswold District Council for the development of 2,000 new homes described as 'a new sustainable village' by the Commercial Estates Group (CEG).

The landowner of Cotswold Airport has brought in a number of large professional development companies in a bid to ensure the planning process succeeds. CEG, a property investment company, who stated they are 'going to help the landowner promote the airfield though the planning process' and Tristan Fitzgerald Associates (TFA) who say on their website they are "experts in the communication of development proposals".


Cotswold Airport started life in 1936 as RAF Kemble and over the years was home to many RAF units, including the home of the Red Arrows from 1966 to 1983. After it was purchased by Mr Ronan Harvey from the MOD in 2001 the site was named 'Kemble Airfield'. There have been 2 meaningful threats to stop on going operations at Kemble one in 2007 after a 'noise pollution' complaint and another because of a mistake by the local council which was resolved in 2008, at which point Kemble Airfield became Kemble Airport. In 2009 the name was changed to Cotswold Airport.

Kemble Airfield Medium

Today the site is home to many businesses and hundreds of employees including a major engineering training apprenticeship scheme. The airfield itself enjoys significant support and use by General Aviation users of all types from training schools to commercial transport and by TV and Film production companies.


After requests for comment from the airfield management we were referred to their media communications company TFA who pointed us to the website ( they have set up which publishes their submissions in respect of the airfield to Cotswold District Council planning. Currently there is very little information available on this website with the exception of this document

The developers state that they see this site as the most viable in the area after very strong opposition to building in Cirencester 6 miles away, that has thwarted many development plans in the past.

It is clear significant support will need to be galvanised from the existing business owners and the aviation community to save this precious resource.


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