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Cirrus Aircraft SmallCirrus Aircraft have announced new aircraft deliveries in 2014 were the best company performance for six years, since 2008.

New deliveries totalled 308 aircraft equating to a 12% increase on 2013 with the success of these strong sales figures put down to the Cirrus SR22. The SR22 is still the best selling aeroplane in its category for the 12th year in a row.


Even though Cirrus has been a strong brand in the aviation sector over recent years innovation and improvement are always on going. “In just the last 12 months, we have added compelling new features and capabilities to our line of piston aircraft, reached new milestones in customer flight safety, implemented global direct parts distribution, added employees in Duluth and Grand Forks and flown three new conforming Vision Jets,” said Todd Simmons, of Cirrus. “2014 was not only a strong year for new aircraft deliveries at Cirrus, but just as important we made substantial progress in key areas across the enterprise that are critical for growth ahead. Investing in the future, continuing to promote safety and enhancing the customer experience defined Cirrus Aircraft in 2014.”


The Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS®) has safely returned 104 people to their families, emphasising the importance of the CAPS safety system to Cirrus pilots, owners and operators. More recently on 25 January 2015 a Cirrus aircraft received widespread coverage when a pilot ferrying it over the Pacific Ocean used CAPS resulting in a safe recovery with the event filmed by the U.S. Coast Guard and posted on YouTube.



In addition to being standard equipment on every aircraft Cirrus has ever made Cirrus Approach is an ongoing training initiative designed to enhance Cirrus pilot safety. This training has made a significant impact on improving Cirrus’ accident survival which has been statistically better than the total general aviation rate for three consecutive years.


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