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Waving flag of Thailand SmallAirtime were delighted to extend a warm welcome to a PA46 Malibu that had taken a week to fly nearly 6,000 miles from Thailand to our facility here at Bournemouth. Even though the last leg of the journey was relatively short, a hop from Germany, the whole journey was by any standard pretty epic.

Why would someone bring their aircraft such a long way?

The pilot said they had decided to come to Airtime because of all the facilities around the globe Airtime Paint > link < were simply the best in the business and with an aircraft that had great value to them only the best re-spray was acceptable.

Taking the opportunity to see the sights in the UK while the aircraft is in the workshop the owner is completley confident the aircraft will be ready in time for their departure in a few weeks time. 

Here you can see the Malibu being prepared in our engineering workshop ahead of being moved to our paint facility.

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