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Airtime's Aircraft Hire and Leasing have a new aircraft for hire, a twin engined Duchess.

TWNN 2 Small

The aircraft which is most often used in training for the MEP rating and hugely popular with pilots is available for short, weekend and longer hire as well as training and revalidation.

Even better news is the cost to fly this excellent aircraft, which is substantially less than most, if you can actually find one to hire.


When you first achieve the MEP your first thought is to use the rating to allow you to increase your capacity, extend your range and to enhance your skills in a multi engined aircraft. The problem is cost but more often it is the lack of availability of the very aircraft which is most familiar to you.

This is why we are delighted to be able to offer great availability and a genuinely affordable price to get you into the air. Prices are £175 dry and £350 wet, we also have instructors available by appointment if you wish to obtain your MEP or revalidate it.

To find out more, have a look at some pictures and make an enquiry visit our Lease and Hire page or >click here<

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