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We are delighted to bring you news of the 47th International Air Rally of Malta, 2016!

This rally is certainly a 'flying legend' adventure, probably one of the most fantastic you will ever record in your log book. Flying from the UK to Malta (1,311 miles direct) presents a number of interesting challenges along the way for both the pilot and the aircraft, whilst remaining within European airspace all the way.

Here at Airtime we can prepare your own aircraft for the epic journey
You can hire a single or twin engined aircraft from us!

AirRallyMalta2016 HarbourAirtime have no commercial interest or connection to the International Air Rally of Malta but we do love aviation and the amazing adventures you can have in a light aircraft. The Air Rally of Malta is certainly a challenge but not one filled with eye watering danger or an inability to find a friendly airfield, not to mention fuel.

The Rally runs from the 25th to the 29th of June and offers FREE landing AND FREE parking at Luqa International Airport for a whole week plus discounted 5 Star hotel accommodation.

Take as long as you like, take a friend or family, and explore many of the exciting parts of Europe all the way to the beautiful islands of Malta. Meet up with the rest of your family who can fly out to meet you and enjoy a wonderful break filled with the joys of aviation together with pilots from all over Europe.

To find out more about this fabulous trip visit the website for the 47th International Rally of Malta 2016

One of those significant 'bucket list' items to be ticked off!

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