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free Gramin flight bag

Airtime have some fabulous discount offers on Garmin products.

  • Change your old 25Khz radio for an 8.33khz compliant radio for less than you might think and save between £280 and £470
  • Save £280 on the GTX 328 and £410 on the GTX 330
  • Go 'touch screen' and save £1,620 on a GTN 750 or save £1,000 on a GTN 650

We also offer a trade in price for your old unit and give you a FREE Garmin Executive Flight Bag

free Gramin flight bag

A FREE Garmin Executive Flight Bag with all orders over £1,000

This ballistic nylon shoulder bag was designed with the pilot in mind and includes custom-made pouches to hold Garmin portable devices, such as the AREA-796, VIRB action camera and GDL 39.
Each product is kept in a dedicated, zippered pouch, which allows you to quickly separate your products when setting up the cockpit. Some of these pouches are even removable. Special pass-through areas are included throughout the bag to allow you to charge your devices from a separate battery charger without having to take them out of the bag.
A TSA compliant, padded laptop section is perfect for protecting a laptop computer.
• Allows you to open the bag flat and lay on the x-ray conveyor, permitting you to keep the laptop in the bag
• A fleece lined pocket will hold a tablet and keep the screen fingerprint free
• Additional storage for pens, keys, and business cards is also available
When needed, the bag can expand and includes enough room to pack clothes for an overnight trip. From the FBO to the boardroom, this bag will keep your flying gear and overnight clothes protected and in one convenient spot


Change your old 25Khz radio for an 8.33khz compliant radio for less than you might think 

christmas deal 1

Packed with features to streamline your cockpit workload, the Garmin GNC 255 series nav/comm radios offer full 200-channel VOR/LOC/GS capability and your choice of 10- or 16 watts of comm transmit power. The companion GTR 225 series comm-only transceiver offers the same choice of VHF power output configurations. And both the GNC and GTR radios are available in versions that can be set for 25 or 8.33 kHz spacing – providing up to 2280 channels with 8.33 spacing to meet the comm compliance rules for Europe.

Gtr 225a comm
only £1700 (mrp £1980)

GNC 255 nav/comm
only £2500 (mrp £2970)


We're Squalking about Transponders, technology everyone can Identify with

With all solid-state designs and powerful 200- to 250-watt transmitters, the Garmin family of GTX series transponders brings ATC aircraft surveillance to new levels of precision, reliability, and performance. What’s more, with optional TSO-C166b authorization for 1090 MHz Extended Squitter (ES) transmission capabilities, Garmin has taken a leading role in providing an affordable pathway to ADS-B compliance for the FAA’s proposed Next Generation airspace system – as well as fulfilling the needs of other international ADS-B initiatives.

christmas deal 2

The latest TSO certification will allow the GTX 330 and GTX 33 transponders to meet ADS-B compliance standards as a certified 1090 MHz ADS-B “Out” solution, when paired with a compatible WAAS position source. Automatically transmitting aircraft flight ID, position, altitude, velocity, climb/descent, and heading information, Garmin’s ES capable transponders
provide precise dynamic reference to Air Traffic Control, as well as to other ADS-B equipped aircraft sharing the airspace.

The optional 1090 MHz ES upgrade preserves all of the existing GTX 330 and GTX 33 features, including a Mode S 

GTX 328
(mrp £1980)

GTX 330
(mrp £2310)


Touchscreen Avionics, the Furture at your Fingertips

christmas deal 3

GTN 750
List price

Christmas deal price

christmas deal 4

GTN 650
List price

Christmas deal price

We will even take your old gns430 or 530 as a trade in against the new unit

Make a quick enquiry or call us on (+44) 01202 580676 

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