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caa logoThe CAA are intending to start a trail around Solent airspace in an effort to reduce infringements. Solent was identified as one of the "hotspots" for infringement. (see )

The CAA consider that the idea of the Listening Squawk has reduced infringements so they are extending this idea and identifying an area around the Solent Zone where you should use the Southampton Listening Squawk of 0011 and listen to 120.225 MHz . Essentially this will be a "curtain" of airspace around Solent Zone where you should squawk 0011.

Full details will appear in a NOTAM before the trial starts in July but Airtime is trying to make all pilots flying from Airtime and any visitors to Airtime aware of the trial. During the trial, Airtime will be happy to give any information to based or visiting pilots.

(Pilots flying in and out of Lee-on-Solent will be asked to squawk another code when they are talking on the Lee frequency.)

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