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caa logoThe Civil Aviation Authority has confirmed it has secured EU funds to help GA pilots and private aircraft owners move to 8.33 kHz radios. Regulation changes mean that all aircraft registered in the EU that use radios need to be equipped with 8.33 kHz equipment by December 2017.

The CAA applied to the EU for €4.3m funding to encourage the swift transition of UK GA aircraft from the existing 25 kHz radios to 8.33 kHz equipment by appying for the maximum allowed grant of 20% of the cost of the new equipment.

The CAA will work with GA member associations and representatives to distribute the funds to aircraft owners, with details on how that will work in practice released shortly.

Tony Rapson, Head of the CAA's GA Unit said: “This will go some way to easing the burden for aircraft owners converting to 8.33 kHz”

Airtime will bring you news of the application process as soon as these details are released by the CAA and their partner organisations.


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