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UK Met Office logoThe Met Office joins the blog-o-sphere and reaffirms it's lead in utilizing modern technology to reach out to stakeholders in the aviation community.

What many may not realise is the Met Office is responsible for forecasting the weather across two thirds of the world’s airspace. They provide globally recognised services, being one of only two World Area Forecast Centres. In addition to their long association with providing the BBC weather they are the official weather supplier to the CAA, NATs and one of nine Volcanic Ash Advisory Centres. Beyond providing bespoke online weather briefing services to we general aviation pilots they deliver a range of services to airlines, airports, air traffic control and ground handling. 

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The Met Office also provides onsite meteorologists, weather forecasting training of individuals, advice on the impacts of climate change - indeed if the conversation or your thoughts turn to any aspect of the weather the Met Office will be somewhere at the heart of it.

The new blog
In a warm and welcoming introduction by Ian Cameron (Exec Head of Aviation) he states "We are blogging to raise awareness of meteorology in the aviation industry and to interact with you to share ideas, knowledge and experiences. We welcome comments on our blog, feedback, ideas for future blogs and possibly even guest writers."

Already off to fantastic start there are many interesting articles to read with the ability to subscribe keeping you up to date with new posts as they arrive.

Highly recommended - you can take a look here The Met Office Blog 


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