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833 khz radio imageThe CAA has secured €4.3 million of funding from the European Union's Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) to encourage the early transition of the UK GA fleet to 8.33 kHz-capable equipment. The contract with the EU has now been signed and the funding secured. Tony Rapson, Head of the GA Unit said: “We are delighted our application for radio funding was successful.” 

The funding will be distributed by way of reimbursal to aircraft owners or pilots to contribute toward the cost of new radio equipment. You can now find out how to apply for funding on the CAA website, click read more

The CAA have published a comprehensive guide to the 8.33 khz changes due to occur in the UK as, according to the CAA website, "from 1 January 2018 all aircraft operating in airspace that requires the carriage of a radio must have 8.33kHz-compatible equipment" although the website goes on to state that "Non-commercial operations fall under Part NCO which does not include a requirement for aircraft to carry dual radios. But owners are advised to check the relevant regulation to their own operations in order to establish what is required."

The new 8.33 spacing allows three times as many ground station frequencies to be allocated. If you have 2 25 khz radios fitted you may choose to replace one with an 8.33 khz and retain the other as although 25kHz radios can no longer be used, unless for particular exempted channel, such as the emergency frequency 121.5MHz. This means that all General Aviation (GA) aircraft must comply with this change to UK law to maintain safe communications with ground stations. The UK's exit from the EU (brexit) does not affect the implementation of 8.33 khz into the GA fleet.

The steps you should follow are:

  • Read the eligibility criteria to determine whether you are able to claim. This page includes what you are able to claim for, the 3 periods of time within which you can make a claim and the maximum amount you are able to claim
  • Complete the claim form electronically and submit to the CAA.
  • The CAA will respond with an email that confirms receipt of your application and your reference number.
  • Reply to the above email with electronic copies of all your supporting documentation attached to it within 14 calendar days.
  • Depending on the volume of claims, the CAA will aim to contact you within 21 days of receipt of all your information.

This information was sourced from the CAA website here

You may be interested in the EASA publication regarding 8.33 khz


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