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caa logoAll Third Country Licences holders intending to fly within UK airspace using a Third Country Licence must comply with Annex III to Commission Regulation (EU) No. 1178/2011, as amended (the Aircrew Regulation).

Pending final agreement of the terms of the EU-US bi-lateral aviation safety agreement (BASA), currently under negotiation, an exemption from this requirement will apply to pilots
holding FAA licences who wish to exercise only private licence privileges within UK airspace. These pilots are required to:

a) hold a valid Licence (that is a licence that is not subject to suspension, limitation or other enforcement action by the FAA);
b) hold a valid, current rating relevant to the aircraft to be operated, and the privileges to be exercised, demonstrable by reference to appropriate log book and licence evidence; Civil Aviation Authority Information Notice IN-2017/013
c) hold a valid Class 2 Medical issued by an FAA authorised Medical Examiner or a Part-FCL Class II medical issued under Part-Med to the Aircrew Regulation;
d) hold an “English proficient” endorsement on their FAA licence, to meet the minimum level 4 proficiency, or have their proficiency confirmed by a UK CAA Approved Language Proficiency Assessment Centre if no such endorsement applies or the candidate wishes to be credited with proficiency levels 5 or 6 (Form SRG1199 applies).
e) demonstrate to a Part-FCL examiner that they have an acquired theoretical knowledge of Part-FCL ‘Air law and ATC procedures’ at a level appropriate to the privileges of the licence and ratings privileges they intend to exercise.

Confirmation of the above will be required by the CAA using form SRG2140. However, affected pilots who are out of the UK during the weekend of 7/8 April 2017 do not need to take any action ahead of the 8 April 2017 implementation date. A general exemption (ORS41221) will apply, allowing affected pilots until 15 April 2017 to fly back to the UK and complete the necessary declaration process.

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