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833 radio imageThe CAA are reporting that they have received over 2,000 applications for EU funds to install new 8.33 kHz radios. The applications made during this first phase will now be assessed and payments made to successful applicants during the summer.

In November 2016 the CAA signed a contract with the EU's Innovation and Networks Executive Agency to distribute €4.3m of EU funds to UK aircraft owners to assist the transition to 8.33 kHz radios.

You have until 30th of September to apply in the second phase however avionics installation companies are warning of the potential of severe delays in obtaining 8.33 kHz equipment as this deadline approaches.

The CAA said it has now opened a second applications phase lasting until 30 September 2017, for aircraft owners yet to submit a claim. The same eligibility criteria will be used as previously and claims will be formally assessed after the closing date.

Claims must be supported by receipts to show that payment for equipment has been made. The CAA's website contains full details of the EU funding, including the eligibility criteria document, CAP1501, and the claim form.

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