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De Havilland Mosquito imageOver 20,000 technical drawings of every version of the World War II Mosquito have been found in Flintshire. 

Blueprints of the Mosquito were thought to have been lost but were discovered by Airbus in an office it was closing down in Broughton. The twin-engine bomber was one of the most famous RAF aircraft to serve during the war.

The find has boosted plans by a group, the People's Mosquito Project, to rebuild the bomber. Bill Ramsey, the project's operations director, who served in the RAF for 41 years, said the drawings were going to be thrown into a skip. "It is actually probably unique in the world in that it's a complete collection of drawings for every mark and modification that was ever made to a Mosquito. You could actually build any form of Mosquito, including one that never actually flew."

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