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As a quality Aircraft services provider we always want to deliver the very best to our customers. For many years we have been excelling in areas such as Avionics, Engines, Maintenance, Aircraft Paint and other related aviation activities. 

During 2015 with a growing demand it became clear our current supplier for aircraft interiors and trim were unable to meet our expectations, or those of our valued customers. Costs were increasing, time-scales were not being met and we could not control quality so it made sense to explore making Interiors and Trim something we did here at Airtime.

After some time and no small amount of effort we are delighted to welcome you to our newly opened Aircraft Interiors and Trim Shop.

Trim OldYour aircraft interior is a pretty important feature, after all as a pilot it is what you see and use the most. Certainly the look, feel and smell is what people remember and even judge the whole aircraft by - we all do it.

In addition a good quality interior will definitely affect the price someone is willing to pay and the number of interested buyers willing to make an offer.

Yet in terms of potential cost a new interior from Airtime is not that expensive.


Airtime interiors and trim are not 'off the shelf', sent to us by the manufacturer and bolted on, they are all individually handmade to measure and can be designed to replicate the original trim or a bespoke design you can choose. You can choose the material, colour and style all of which allow you to achieve a price within your budget. 

 If you wish to find out more, visit the Trim Shop facility or get a quote please get in touch.

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